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Buy Back New Bedford

Many communities and activists trying to harness the momentum that has come from the protests that erupted after the death of George Floyd and other African-Americans in police custody.

One response has been a movement to support Black-owned businesses.

Jennette Barnes / WCAI

The rain held off Saturday as 150 people came to the Hyannis bandstand to listen to people share their personal experiences of racism on Cape Cod.

Peggy Jablonski

A Brewster woman is setting out today on the first of a series of walks around the Cape.

Peggy Jablonski isn't walking for fitness, or to enjoy the Cape's gorgeous scenery. She's walking to learn more about racism on the Cape and about her own whiteness.

wikipedia / Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee

School officials in Sandwich and in Barnstable will meet with graduates in the coming days to discuss how to better include Black and Indigenous history and discussions on race and racism into school curricula. The meetings stem from two separate letters written and signed by more than 15-hundred  alumni from both districts asking for these changes. 

White supremacist flyers have been discovered in a Falmouth man’s mailbox and along Yarmouth roads.

Liz Lerner

Zoning laws have long helped protect the Cape's natural resources and beauty. 

But zoning laws have also been used to encourage, and enforce, racial segregation in the U.S.


Youth voices have played a key role in the anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd. Among them is Jendell Teixeira, who lives in Marion and has been speaking at local protests about growing up black in predominantly white towns.

Jennette Barnes

Protesters in New Bedford gathered Wednesday for the fifth consecutive day to denounce police brutality against black Americans in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota.

Expanding Racial Diversity in Science

Aug 28, 2017
David Asai
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, http://bit.ly/2wXvkrl

Racism is an issue in the U.S. and science is not immune. 

The science community – academia in particular – face the added fact that women and people of color remain significantly under-represented, despite years of efforts to change that.

Today we discuss the importance of increasing diversity in science, and some innovative ideas about how to do that with David Asai, senior director of science education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.