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Valentino Funghi

This Memorial Day we're sharing a poem written by WWII Veteran and Barnstable resident Bob Silverberg. Here is his poem, "Okinawa."

Fresh Sonic: Hymn

Apr 3, 2019
rabiem22 /

Patty Thomas sings a Lebanese hymn for peace.

anjuli_ayer /

The late Dave Mash shares his fish cook philosophy.

Robin Agarwal /

Laela Sayigh on the awe of seeing a Blue Whale.

Rafael /

Danek Forsmen talks about his first deep sea dive in WHOI's Human Occupied Vehicle "Alvin."

Erin /

Produced by Helen Woodward and Atlantic Public Media.

Luca Bruno /

Fresh Sonic: Survival

Jan 30, 2019
SalFalko /

Perez shares his story on survival and opportunity.

Fresh Sonic: Bakesale

Jan 23, 2019
Jessica Spengler /

Tough decisions at a bakesale in Falmouth.

Fresh Sonic: At Sea

Jan 16, 2019
Christopher Michel /

Librarian Michael Dyer on the history of whale ship logbooks.

cicicola-zy /

The late Maynard Silva shares his love for playing the harmonica.

Fresh Sonic: Who?

Dec 26, 2018
Gwen /

You might be familiar. 

Ben Bawden /

That's what you're out here for.

Fresh Sonic: Racism

Dec 5, 2018
Jason /

The late Dean K. Denniston Sr. shares his experience with prejudice on Martha's Vineyard. 

davecito/MAPCO /

David Lamprey looks back on the town of Falmouth, as he knew it.