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Weekend Outlook

Courtesy Woods Hole Film Festival

Summer is in full swing with annual events happening all over the Cape. Here's your Weekend Outlook.   

One musical show this weekend involves two celebrity impersonators who were brought together both by birth -- and by Carol Burnett.

Courtesy Melissa Errico


Music is in the air and there are plenty of concerts of all types happening this weekend. Here’s your Weekend Outlook.

C.L. Fornari


This is a perfect time of year for garden tours, and we’ve got some opportunities for you to check out.  Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Lisa McIntyre


Fathers Day comes Sunday, and a couple of big local festivals are happening. Here’s your Weekend Outlook.  

Merrily Cassidy / Cape Cod Times

 This weekend you can climb a lighthouse, or hang out with pirates. Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Merrily Cassidy / Cape Cod Times


May is officially here, bringing with it a number of celebrations and event openings. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Weekend Outlook: Spring in Full Swing

Apr 26, 2019
Michael Galvin

There's plenty to do this weekend, including art events and films. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Denisse Leon / unsplash


It’s Easter weekend coming up. There are plenty of egg-hunt activities — but also music, and movies. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Laura M. Reckford

Edward Gorey and model boats are celebrated in events this weekend. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Rebelhouse Studios



Spring has sprung! Re-emerge from hibernation with these local events. Here’s your Weekend Outlook.

Courtesy Salley Mavor

Hyannis, Cotuit, Sandwich and Harwich, there are events all around the Cape this weekend. Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Lee Geishecker / Vagabond View Photography

There are some pretty unique events to attend in the next few days. Here's your Weekend Outlook.   

Alyssa Linn / Cape Cod Times

Theatre or music, the choice is yours on the Cape. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Weekend Outlook: Something For Everyone

Jan 25, 2019
Ray Leonard / Cape Cod Times

From music to theatre and a chance to "think spring" - there's something for everyone. Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Amirah Sackett / The Yard

Today we're featuring music and dance performances that are sure to get your toes tapping. Here's your Weekend Outlook.