Weekend Outlook

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It's not supposed to rain for the next few days! Celebrate with flowers, art, music and a stroll through downtown Hyannis. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

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You can plan yourself a busy few days around the Cape this weekend. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

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There are some great opportunities for things-to-do this weekend, from live music, to meeting the people who grow your food, to celebrating the birthday of a famous playwright. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

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The weather can't be as bad as it was last weekend, so get out there and celebrate! Here's your Weekend Outlook.   

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There are lots of opportunities to be inspired this weekend: a concert that helps others, the opportunity to try out an Olympic sport, an exhibit with both poetry and art, and theatre that's produced really, really quickly. Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

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There's lots of things to do this weekend that don't involve football (and many won't interfere with watching the actual game!) Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

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There are quite a few ways to entertain your senses this weekend: see, taste, hear, and feel (cold!) Here's your Weekend Outlook.  

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The crisp fall weather is finally upon us, and there’s plenty to do this holiday weekend. Here’s your Weekend Outlook.


This year, the Veterans Day holiday falls on Saturday, and there are many ways in different towns this weekend to honor those who have served. Veterans Day Events.

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Around the region there’s plenty happening to set your toes tapping. Here’s your Weekend Outlook. 

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This is the weekend before Halloween, and there are a lot of activities going on, from spooky to not-so-scary.  Here’s your Weekend Outlook. 

One in Falmouth is a longtime tradition that may be ending this year. Harvest of Horrors at Tony Andrews Farm.

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As the storm moves out, there are plenty of reasons to get back outside this weekend. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

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Festivals for cranberries, books, and culture offer plenty to do. Plus you can check out some vintage airplanes. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

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Labor Day Weekend. Can you believe it's upon us? But you don't have to be sad about summer ending, with all the good activities and events scheduled. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Michele Lamberti

The small sandpipers known as “peeps” are the bane of beginning beach birders everywhere. Easily overlooked as they scurry around on beaches and mudflats, these mousy, gray-brown shorebirds seem to offer little to the casual observer of birds. But taking the time to sort through them can bring fame and fortune to anyone with the requisite patience and aptitude. O-K, maybe not fortune, but two local birders did earn some serious bragging rights recently thanks to their sharp eyes and their peep knowledge.


There's music, food, science and revelry in the event calendar. Really, what more could you ask for? Here's your Weekend Outlook.