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A new analysis finds that each great whale in the ocean is worth $2 million. Not only because they are the source of tourism revenue, but because they are an important part of enabling the ocean to produce more food and store more carbon.

Short-finned pilot whales maintain social groups using different dialects.
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People in different countries often speak different languages. And even within a community, different groups may have distinct dialects or slang. Turns out, the same is true of pilot whales.


Only 524 North Atlantic right whales remain on the Planet, plus four calves who were born this season. On The Point, we talk with scientists from the Center for Coastal Studies about efforts to monitor and protect the species, including ways to minimize ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear. We also discuss the recent spate of dolphin strandings in Cape Cod Bay.

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In just a few decades, we’ve gone from hunting whales to protecting them. But many are still endangered, and they face a barrage of potential threats. Now, researchers are developing new ways to study these animals, from facial recognition software to help track whales’ movements, and using baleen to trace the history of stress in whales’ lives.

A team of whale experts has disentangled its seventh whale off of Cape Cod this year.

Recreational fishermen east of Chatham saw the nearly 2-year-old humpback wrapped in fishing ropes on Saturday. 

They called for help and stayed with the whale for several hours until rescuers from the Center for Coastal Studies could arrive from Provincetown. 

"Had they not stayed with the whale, there’s no chance we would have found it," the Center's Scott Landry told WCAI.

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Last summer, the New Bedford whaleship Charles W. Morgan sailed around New England after an extensive restoration. The Morgan gained fame as the last remaining whaler in the world. But what of the other vessels that once were part of the large New Bedford whaling fleet? The story of New Bedford’s Stone Fleet is told by two park rangers from the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park - Judy Roderiques and Lucy Bly, also known as the “1850’s ladies,” Abby and Ruth.  

A Favorite Whale Returns to Cape Cod Bay

Feb 10, 2014
Center for Coastal Studies

A whale that rescuers previously freed from a rope entanglement is back in Cape Cod Bay.

The female North American right whale in her 40s has been nicknamed “Wart” because of a scar on her head. 

Her life was in danger when rescuers at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown disentangled her in 2010.