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Each week during saltwater fishing season Steve Junker checks in with the folks at On the Water magazine and others to find out who's catching what where around the Cape and Islands—and how they're doing it.  

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One hundred miles off the coast of Cape Cod, the Gulf Stream sweeps into the edge of the continental shelf in an area known as "The Canyons." It's a habitat rich with whales, sharks, and big fish more commonly thought of as tropical, such as mahi, big-eyed tuna and blue marlin. For some Cape Cod fisherman, heading to The Canyons is the highlight of a fishing season.

S Junker

With high summer on Cape Cod, we see plenty of people visiting who would like to enjoy a little fishing while they’re here, but may feel unsure how to get started. This week on the Fishing News we've got tips for vacation fishing, and how to make it a great experience.

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The bluefin tuna bite south of Martha's Vineyard has a lot of fishermen talking. Last Saturday, by one account, there were upward of 200 fishing boats in the area. Plentiful bait seems to be holding tuna in the 60-90 pound range.

Most of the action is centered about 20-30 miles south of the Vineyard. Andy Nabreski of On The Water magazine was out there on Sunday, and he joins us for this week's Fishing News to give us a feel for the fishing and explain the trolling strategy.

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It's a peculiar proposition: You walk into the tackle shop and walk out with something living, or that was once living. Or something rubbery and artificial that smells like it died a while ago.

A state record fish was landed last week–and it wasn’t one of the fish that we typically think of when we talk about fishing around the Cape and Islands. It was a wahoo.

A wha-what?

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There are plenty of fish that fishermen set out to catch–and then there are the ones that fishermen end up catching without meaning to. Fishermen have a name for these kinds of fish, the ones we don’t want to catch. We call them "trash fish."

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It's that time of year when our local waters are warming, which is nice if you like to swim. If you're a fisherman, however, it means that finding larger striped bass becomes more difficult. 

Last week brought the opening of commercial fishing season for striped bass in Massachusetts. That's good news for people who don't fish, or who may not know a fisherman.

NOAA chart 13237

The tidal rips in Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Sound are channeling plenty of bait, offering anglers good access to a variety of fish, including keeper-size striped bass, bluefish, and abundant bottom fish.

New Insights Into the Migration of Striped Bass

Jun 17, 2016
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A study of reports of the striped bass spring migration from recent years suggests the fish don't necessarily follow a coast-hugging route north, as previously believed.  

Jimmy Fee, of On The Water magazine, which collects catch reports along the East Coast, says it seems increasingly likely that large numbers of the fish are moving farther offshore as they come north.

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Do you really think it's a coincidence that Father's Day falls in the middle of the season for some of the best fishing around the Cape and Islands? If you're wondering what to do to celebrate this coming weekend, consider planning a fishing trip for Dad. Here are some things to keep in mind, to make it a success.

The past few weeks have seen a couple of news stories about local fishermen having boats impounded for fishing out of season, or beyond limits.

In mid-May a man in Mattapoisett was found to have more than 150 illegally caught black sea bass in a hidden compartment in his boat.  And last week, in Wareham, police seized a boat with more than 200 black sea bass over the limit. Both fishermen face criminal charges.

This past Saturday the fishing excitement centered around the season opening for black sea bass. The population of sea bass has appeared to be growing increasingly strong over the last couple of years, and fishermen - many of them just getting their boats into the water - turned out in numbers to enjoy a beautiful early season day.

J. Junker

After the mild winter, when schoolie bass started showing up off Martha's Vineyard in April it seemed promising of an early start to the fishing season. But the bigger stripers have taken their time following their younger kin, and now the season finds us just about exactly where we usually are: looking for bigger fish to arrive in Cape Cod waters with the end of May.

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As we head into the last weekend of September, local anglers are looking toward the fall run, when fish migrating southward will pass through our waters. The question every year is: will the fall run be a good one?

Judging by how this season has set-up, there's reason to believe this fall could bring great fishing.