Sonics: Community Voices

These short vignettes, "sonic IDs," are sound portraits and short stories that weave throughout the broadcast day of WCAI. Below you'll find samples of the hundreds in our archives. We'll also post new sonics, added as we get them.

Atlantic Public Media helps create the "Sonic IDs." The core producing team for Sonic ID project is Jay Allison, Viki Merrick, and the staff of WCAI.

See what the broadcasting newspaper Current has to say about the Sonic ID project.

An archive of some of our earliest sonics is here

The Sonic ID project was awarded a regional Edward R. Murrow award for the best use of sound by the Radio Television News Directors Association.

Fresh Sonic: Hymn

Apr 3, 2019
rabiem22 /

Patty Thomas sings a Lebanese hymn for peace.

anjuli_ayer /

The late Dave Mash shares his fish cook philosophy.

Robin Agarwal /

Laela Sayigh on the awe of seeing a Blue Whale.

George Chelebiev /

Angel Quinonez listing his more popular tattoo requests.

Rafael /

Danek Forsmen talks about his first deep sea dive in WHOI's Human Occupied Vehicle "Alvin."

Erin /

Produced by Helen Woodward and Atlantic Public Media.

Luca Bruno /

Fresh Sonic: Survival

Jan 30, 2019
SalFalko /

Perez shares his story on survival and opportunity.

Fresh Sonic: Bakesale

Jan 23, 2019
Jessica Spengler /

Tough decisions at a bakesale in Falmouth.

Fresh Sonic: At Sea

Jan 16, 2019
Christopher Michel /

Librarian Michael Dyer on the history of whale ship logbooks.

cicicola-zy /

The late Maynard Silva shares his love for playing the harmonica.

Fresh Sonic: Who?

Dec 26, 2018
Gwen /

You might be familiar. 

Ben Bawden /

That's what you're out here for.

Fresh Sonic: Racism

Dec 5, 2018
Jason /

The late Dean K. Denniston Sr. shares his experience with prejudice on Martha's Vineyard. 

davecito/MAPCO /

David Lamprey looks back on the town of Falmouth, as he knew it.