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Ways to Support Us

WCAI Membership
Membership is the lifeblood of WCAI. If you've never made a gift or would like to renew your membership or make an additional gift, do so now. Or take advantage of our Green Membership, an ongoing monthly or yearly pledge on your credit card, with less paper and more e-communications, plus a variety of special earth-friendly thank-you gifts.

Fundraising & membership questions? Reach us at WCAImembership@wgbh.org

Car Donation
Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle or truck? Donate it to the Cape and Islands NPR Stations instead! Your donation will support the programming and you can receive a tax-deduction. Learn how easy it is to donate your vehicle.

Become a Business Partner
Sponsorship on the Cape and Islands NPR Stations, WCAI 90.1, WNAN 91.1, WZAI 94.3, makes good business sense. Learn how sponsorship can help your business. See a list of our Business Partners.