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Gifts of Stock and Securities

To make a stock gift, notify your broker that you wish to transfer securities into CAI’s brokerage account at Merrill Lynch. You will need to give your broker the following information:

Name on Account:   WGBH Educational Foundation **

Account Number:     818-042-32

DTC Clearing:            8862

Contact:                      Jennifer Breitling

Direct Line:               617-946-4239


**It is very important that you notify CAI about the gift transaction at the same time you instruct your broker to transfer securities into our sister station's (WGBH) Merrill Lynch brokerage account.

In order for us to properly receive the gifted shares into our account and to provide an accurate and timely acknowledgement for your tax records, please send us:

  • A concurrent notification with the donor's name
  • The type and number of shares being transferred
  • The name and phone number of the donor's broker

This notification should be sent to:
P.O. Box 82
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: 508-548-9600 ext.1713

Further questions about gifts of securities to WCAI? 
Carrie Colodner, Development Operations Manager, GBH 
Phone: (617) 300-3663