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CAI Podcasts

All of CAI's locally produced shows and features are available as podcasts, so you can listen whenever you want. Here's where you can find them.

The Point

CAI's award-winning public affairs program. Tuesday through Thursday, Mindy Todd hosts a lively and informative discussion on critical issues for Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Coast. Every Friday is the News Roundup, as CAI News Director Steve Junker speaks with news editors and reporters from around the region.

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The Forgetting

The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s is CAI’s podcast entirely focused on Alzheimer’s disease. The twice-monthly show is co-hosted by two well-respected Alzheimer’s experts, David Shenk and Greg O’Brien.

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A Cape Cod Notebook 

CAI's naturalist's notebook, examining our human intersection with the Cape environment. For 2018, essay contributors include Robert Finch, Dennis Minsky, Mary Bergman, and Nelson Sigelman. 

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Weekly Bird Report

With Mark Faherty. A round-up of bird sightings and news of the avian world every week. The Bird Report airs every Wednesday morning at 8:35am and afternoon at 5:45pm.

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Local Food Report

Celebrating local food on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the South Coast. Avid locavores, Elspeth Hay and Ali Berlow are constantly exploring the region and its farmer's markets to find out what's good, what's growing, and what to do with it. The Local Food Report airs every Thursday morning at 8:35am and afternoon at 5:45pm, and Saturday morning at 9:35.

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The Fishing News

Each week during saltwater fishing season Steve Junker checks in with the folks at On the Water magazine and others to find out who's catching what around the Cape and Islands, and how they're doing it. The Fishing News airs Friday mornings at 7:35 and afternoon at 4:30, and Saturday morning at 8:35.

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Ways of Life

Our series Ways of Life is a collection of stories about people who live down the street... our neighbors:  Fishermen, scientists, craftspeople, recovering addicts, surgeons, dog rescuers, motorcycle gang members, nursing home residents, musicians, the homeless, kid athletes, social activists, and all the others who share this place. Each portrait becomes part of the surprising, interwoven tapestry of our lives together here on the Cape, Coast and Islands. 

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