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Jay Allison Founders Fund for Matching Gifts

In honor of our 20th Anniversary the Hunter Ward Foundation made a generous donation to this station.

They made this gift with two requests: 

  • The first was to honor our founder, and our friend, Jay Allison.
  • The second was to use this gift to inspire others to support our mission.

In keeping with the Foundation’s wishes, this significant gift of twenty thousand dollars was used to establish the Jay Allison Founders Fund for Matching Gifts. Other generous donors are invited to add to this fund. A minimum contribution is required. Please email Patty Peal ( for more information

Jay Allison dedicated years of his own time and talents to bring Public Radio to the airwaves of the community that he loves and lives in. Grateful listeners started tuning in and supporting the effort. It is fair to say that our support has grown right along with us, and we are here to stay.

We congratulate Jay for his dedication, his tenacity, and for the very idea of starting a public radio station for all of us—not to mention all of the other good ideas that have come from his non-profit organization, Atlantic Public Media, including nationally renowned projects like The Moth Radio HourThis I BelievePRX, and Transom, among others.

Thank you to the Hunter Ward Foundation for starting something special.

With this fund we recognize our humble beginnings, we celebrate our first twenty years and we look to our future.

For contribution questions please contact:

Patty Peal
Development Manager
508-548-9600 x2769

Checks can be made payable to WCAI Public Radio and sent to:
P.O. Box 82
Woods Hole, MA 02543

If you are transferring funds from your Donor Advised Fund or investment accounts, please direct those funds to: WGBH Educational Foundation, for the benefit of WCAI Public Radio

Tax ID: 04-2104397