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Jay Allison Founders Fund for Matching Gifts

Jay Allison is the Founder and Executive Producer of WCAI. Jay dedicated years of his own time and talents to bring Public Radio to the airwaves of the community that he loves and lives in. We congratulate Jay for the very idea of starting a public radio station for all of us, and for his dedication and his tenacity in bringing it to fruition—not to mention all of the other good ideas that have come from his non-profit organization, Atlantic Public Media, including nationally renowned projects like The Moth Radio Hour, This I Believe, PRX, and Transom, among others.

Listen to Jay give an interview and a testimony of sorts about the ideals that inspired him to start the radio station, in a conversation with podcaster Erica Heilman of Rumblestrip in 2023.

Founders Fund for Matching Gifts  

In honor of our 20th Anniversary the Hunter Ward Foundation made a generous donation to this station with two stipulations:

  • honor our founder, and our friend, Jay Allison.
  • use this gift to inspire others to support our mission.

In keeping with the Foundation’s wishes, this significant gift of twenty thousand dollars was used to establish the Jay Allison Founders Fund for Matching Gifts. Annual donations of $5,000 or more are accepted for the fund all year with the foundation and several individuals giving unrestricted money, to pool together, and inspire other listeners to become members. The match money from the fund is used during the four pledge drives that we broadcast in each quarter of our fiscal year, rolling over until the funds are exhausted. This is the fund that most anonymous donors like to give to because it has its own very recognizable name.
If you would like to contribute to this fund or create your own fund. Please contact Patricia Peal, 508-548-9600 x 2769 or patricia_peal@capeandislands.org

Hear from the principals at the Hunter Ward Foundation.