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Need a Speaker or Moderator?

Need a speaker, a moderator or a master of ceremonies for your next civic or nonprofit event?

The staff of CAI is committed to serving our community in various ways. Not only does the station provide important news and information on the airwaves, we also recognize the importance of public forums, debates and discussions. In an effort to encourage discourse about important issues, CAI often will make hosts available for community events.

If you're interested in having someone from CAI as either a speaker or a moderator, please send an email to: WCAI@capeandislands.org. Or call us at 508.548.9600.

CAI employees provide this service on a volunteer basis. We do, however, ask that forums about particular issues or politics offer a wide variety of perspectives. CAI hosts are non-partisan, and they will work to make certain that discussions are both civil and well balanced.