House Plants

7 hours ago
J. Junker

House plants can add vitality and beauty to our homes, and many are very easy to care for. Our guest on The Point is Marsha Potash: she shares her enthusiasm for housplants, along with tips for best results. Mindy Todd hosts.

Winter's Cold on Nantucket

11 hours ago
Mary Bergman

I was starting to feel trapped. It happens sometimes, when the sky is an endless gray and the horizon line is hard to find. Winter’s cold brings things into focus, and you can really feel the ragged edges of this island. I heard the whistle of the last ferry as it came in around 10:30 at night and knew there was no getting off this island until morning. And even if you left, where would you go? 

Fake News

Jan 20, 2020

Fake News: is it deliberate disinformation, alternative facts or partisan politics? Mindy Todd and Steve Junker discuss fake news and its impact on our democracy. We also discuss media literacy for the next generation and why many young people don’t feel the news is relevant to them. 

Poetry Sunday: Kim M. Baker

Jan 19, 2020

Kim Baker reads her poem, "Posers."  

S Junker

WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the week's top local and regional news, including: local businesses scramble to adapt as bans come for Styrofoam cups and containers and plastic utensils; $15M affordable housing complex is coming to Yarmouth; the vacation that was a job suspension for OB Fire Chief John Rose; and a large coyote makes an appearance on Martha's Vineyard.

Running a marathon is not easy. You have to be physically and mentally ready, and flexible with the things you can't control, like the weather. Now imagine doing all that in one of the coldest places on earth. 

Eve Zuckoff

In the next three decades, climate change could have major socioeconomic consequences in 105 countries across the globe.  

That’s according to a new report, Climate Risk and Response: Physical Hazards and Socioeconomic Impacts, from the McKinsey Global Institute with help from the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC). 

Bob Sanker

There's plenty to do this long holiday weekend, including events to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Here's your Weekend Outlook.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we bring you reflections of several King scholars on his life, work, and how his speeches and sermons influenced political and social spheres of America. We also talk with musician Damien Sneed about his musical and spoken tribute to Dr. King titled We Shall Overcome. His national tour of the performance comes to New Bedford on Monday. 

Alison Shaw

Cathy Walthers of West Tisbury is a kale fanatic. Before publishing her cookbook Kale, Glorious Kale in 2014, while testing recipes, she ate the green for 140 days straight. Kale is one of the only local greens available for most of the year, and it’s also wonderfully versatile.


The Forgetting

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