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On this edition of Looking Skyward, WCAI's John Basile talks to Regina Jorgenson of the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket about the remarkable life of Katherine Johnson, what NASA'a Mars lander is telling us.....and the early view of a far-distant object in space.

Cape teens hold up signs at a climate rally.
Eve Zuckoff

A new coalition of activists, environmentalists, and faith groups are asking all 15 Cape towns to declare a climate emergency.

If approved at town meetings this spring, the declarations would push towns to recognize their responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which drive climate change.   


We wrap up our conversations with Candidates for the Plymouth Barnstable State Senate Seat with Republican Jay McMahon. Mindy Todd hosts this interview.

Empowering Women

8 hours ago

Crisis can happen at any moment, and to anyone. Whether it’s the loss of a job or a spouse, bankruptcy, illness, or a divorce, having a place to turn for assistance, support and education can make all the difference. The Women’s Empowerment through Cape Area Networking or WE CAN has been providing this support for women on Cape Cod for nearly 20 years through a variety of programs. On The Point, we speak with some of the people involved:

Lisa Guyon, Executive Director of WE CAN

Lori Pinard, Board President of WE CAN

Mim Goldberg, a PathMaker mentor at We Can, and her mentee Stephanie Brandt.

Elspeth Hay

There’s a flu going around. Hacking coughs, sore throats, noses running faster than the cheeks they crown. In our house we’re fighting it every way we can: with summer-dried teas of foraged blackberry leaves and rosehips steeped with local honey. With ice-cold smoothies made from last year’s frozen peaches and mulberries. And of course, chicken soup.

Ron Schloerb / Cape Cod Times

Good news for music lovers – plenty of lively events are happening around the Cape and Islands.  Here's your Weekend Outlook.  

Christina Gracia

The city of New Bedford has reached a half-million-dollar settlement with the family of a teen who was killed during a police altercation in 2012. Fifteen-year-old Malcolm Gracia was shot and killed after police say he pulled a knife on an officer. A judge later said police stopped Gracia illegally.

ESO, M. Montargès et al. via NASA

On the return of our Looking Skyward feature, WCAI's John Basile talks with Regina Jorgenson, Director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket about the brightness of Venus in the sky, the change that is apparently happening to Betelgeuse, and a new space probe that is expected to give us a new look at the sun.


wikimedia commons

A MassInc study published last November found that Massachusetts elected officials do not reflect the diversity of the commonwealth. According to the report, unbalanced representation by race and ethnicity is apparent, as well as gaps by gender and party affiliation. On The Point, we discuss what it takes to run for elected office, whether a local board or the state legislature, why we don’t see more diverse candidates, and some of the supports available to help prepare individuals to run for office.


An interview with Democrat Stephen Michael Palmer, as we continue our conversations with candidates for the Plymouth Barnstable State Senate Seat. Mindy Todd hosts.



New Bedford Pub Night

The Forgetting

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