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Barnstable High School

The Barnstable High School Red Raiders are no longer.


Facing pressure from local Native American tribes, students, and administrators, the Barnstable School Committee voted 3 - 0 to retire the old Indian mascot Wednesday evening. 


Most of us can name a major hurricane from the past one hundred years, but what do we know of the storms that pummeled these shores hundreds of years ago? What impact did those storms have on this place and the people of the time? We talk with Eric Jay Dolin about his latest book A Furious Sky that looks at some of the major storms of the past: from those that threatened Columbus’ New World voyages, to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Courtesy David Bergmark

This summer, David Bergmark isn’t coming to the family cottage in Truro. Like many people, he’s staying closer to home, which for him is Prince Edward Island.

But he says rentals of the cottage on Cape Cod are going strong.

“It’s been a completely different experience,” he said. “We could have rented it two or three times for each week period.”

Elspeth Hay

You know that liquid in the compost that you try to avoid? My neighbor Kris Smith is making something like it on purpose. It bubbles, and well, it’s active. It’s alive.


On The Point, we talk with Provincetown Jazz Festival Founder Bart Weisman about some of the performers at this year’s festival, and get a sampling of some of the music. 




Part of a beach combing collection

Lost and Found- Time, Time, Tide and Treasures is a new book showcasing beachcombers who are also artists. On The Point, we talk with authors Amy Heller and Gail Browne and artist Paul Bowen about some of the items they’ve found along Provincetown beaches and how the objects influence their work.



Mark Faherty

In this time of tourists, the whale watch business is in full swing. Or at least half-swing - boat capacity is reduced and masks are required, but people are flocking to the boats, nonetheless. And with good reason – the Cape offers some of the world’s best whale watching, with our close proximity to the perennial whale feeding grounds of Stellwagen Bank. 


White supremacy and institutionalized racism perpetuate inequality in both obvious and in subtle ways in the United States. Making changes will take effort, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. On The Point, we talk with diversity educator Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. about his 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, and resources to help us on the journey toward equity and justice for all. 

Qijin Xu / Unsplash

The other day Kathy and I drove over to Ryder Beach Road and parked at the old railroad bed, planning to walk along it and up onto the hill that overlooks Bound Brook Marsh. Suddenly, our dog Sam went crazy in the back seat, yelling and barking, scratching at the windows. Kathy pointed and shouted, “Look – a fox!” And there it was, walking out of Cobb Farm Road and stopping for a moment, as if looking both ways before entering the empty street.

Eve Zuckoff

At the Bourne Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility, everything has its own smell. 

“You get the gas smell, old trash smell, new trash smell, recycling smell,” said Dan Barrett, general manager of the facility. “There's a lot of different smells, and if you've been around long enough, you'll know the difference.” 


The Forgetting