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White supremacy and institutionalized racism perpetuate inequality in both obvious and in subtle ways in the United States. Making changes will take effort, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. On The Point, we talk with diversity educator Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. about his 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, and resources to help us on the journey toward equity and justice for all. 

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The other day Kathy and I drove over to Ryder Beach Road and parked at the old railroad bed, planning to walk along it and up onto the hill that overlooks Bound Brook Marsh. Suddenly, our dog Sam went crazy in the back seat, yelling and barking, scratching at the windows. Kathy pointed and shouted, “Look – a fox!” And there it was, walking out of Cobb Farm Road and stopping for a moment, as if looking both ways before entering the empty street.

Eve Zuckoff

At the Bourne Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility, everything has its own smell. 

“You get the gas smell, old trash smell, new trash smell, recycling smell,” said Dan Barrett, general manager of the facility. “There's a lot of different smells, and if you've been around long enough, you'll know the difference.” 

Reina Del Taco: A Different Kind of Mother Goose

Aug 3, 2020
Photo by Andrea Betanzos.

Some days, Tim McNerney is just Tim; a Master's degree graduate who delivers UPS packages on Martha’s Vineyard. Other days, Tim transforms into Reina Del Taco, a drag queen as transformative as Barbie. After travels to LA, NYC and Mexico City, Tim has started to settle into a new phase of Reina del Taco’s trajectory: story time at the local library.

Cape Wildlife Center

When it comes to caring for wildlife, the Cape Wildlife Center has it covered. Speaking with Zack Mertz, the Executive Director at the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable about wildlife care during the pandemic.

Poetry Sunday: Marian Roth

Aug 2, 2020

Marian Roth reads her poem, "Shelter in Place."

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S Junker

Local officials are focusing a message on young adults, asking them to take the coronavirus seriously. 96-for-96: a sweeping round of testing on Cuttyhunk Island comes back all negative. And tempers are flaring about regulating short-term rentals. 

You have been hearing about gardening on The Point for years, and now you get to see the actual gardens of Mindy Todd and horticulturalist & entomologist Roberta Clark, up close and virtual!

Check out the gardens of Mindy, Roberta and also Sam Houghton and Kathryn Eident!

Duane Raver, Jr. / DNREC / bit.ly/3hMUtcu

King mackerel have been showing up in Cape Cod waters in numbers for the past four years, joining Spanish mackerel as a seasonal visitor that anglers target. Atlantic mackerel are a perennial local favorite of striped bass. And this year, reports of chub mackerel are coming from just a little south of us.


The Forgetting