U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs

Youth climate activists are in Washington, D.C., to drum up support for their cause ahead of a global climate strike on Friday. 

On Wednesday they testified at a joint congressional hearing held by Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating.

In his opening statement, Keating described the challenges climate change is posing to the Cape, coast, and islands. 

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This program on The Point is broadcast live from the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown. Host Mindy Todd talks with the team there about the latest research on North Atlantic Right Whales, and efforts to save the species from extinction. We also hear about disentanglement efforts, the develpoment of pregnancy tests for whales, and the impacts of climate change in American Samoa on Humpback Whale habitat. 

The dead North Atlantic right whale found off the coast of New York has been identified as Snake Eyes, seen here on July 16, 2019.
Northeast Fisheries Science Center

More than a dozen scientists have signed a letter defending the science behind proposed measures to protect North Atlantic right whales. There are only about 400 of the critically endangered whales remaining, and their numbers are falling.

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My husband’s grandmother kept a big garden for years—roughly 15 by 30 feet, and always filled with beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas. She passed away a few years ago and the land is still in the family, but over the past few seasons it’s been neglected, and now it’s overgrown.

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New Bedford received a $24-million-dollar grant from the state to dredge its harbor, simultaneously making the environment cleaner, and also making it more friendly to industry. On Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker visited the city and spoke at the New Bedford Whaling Museum to announce the grant. It will allow for 430 thousand cubic yards of contaminated sediment to be removed from the harbor, and be the final phase in the state's cleanup efforts of one of the country's largest superfund sites.


Why do bullys bully, and what makes someone a target? How has the advent of social media effected bullying? What happens when bystanders stand up to a bully? On The Point, our panel of mental health experts consider these questions and more, along with listeners from around the region who join the discussion by phone or email.  Guests in the studio are psychiatrists Marc Whaley and Jonathan Schwartz, and clinical psychologist Anne Geagon. Mindy Todd hosts.

The four Catholic bishops of Massachusetts co-signed a letter calling for immediate and wide-ranging action against climate change.

The leaders are urging parishioners, businesses, and schools to take what they call "meaningful steps to protect the environment” and “take better care of our common home” by curbing the impact of toxic pollution and climate change.


What happens to vacant Cape Cod homes?

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It’s a global world. You hear that a lot these days, and while this statement has all the keen insight of the equally inane modern cliché “it is what it is”, there is a certain amount of truth in it. And at no time is the natural world more “global” than during bird migration, especially on the Cape and Islands. You could spend an entire middle school geography course studying the countries of origin of the birds that pass through here. 

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Several hundred people attended the first ever Electric Car Show at Barnstable Municipal Airport in Hyannis on Saturday.

The event was designed to introduce potential electric-car owners to current owners and their vehicles.

Attendees were also encouraged to test drive dozens of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


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