A look at biodiversity on the Cape and Islands.

Friends of Bass River is a group of citizens dedicated to the guardianship of the delicate ecosystem of ponds, coves and sub-basins of the Bass River Estuarine System. Mindy talks with the group's executive director, Brian Weiner.

Next we hear from BioDiversity Works on Martha's Vineyard about their work to promote conservation of biodiversity through wildlife research and monitoring, and opportunities for people to engage in hands-on nature study. Liz Baldwin and Luanne Johnson join us in the studio. 

The Season's First Dip

15 hours ago
Mary Bergman

It can hardly be called a swim, that first plunge into the ocean in early spring. I suppose dip is the best description--or dunk, like one of those tanks at a county fair where somebody hurls a ball at a button and the bottom drops out from under you, and you are submerged. The element of surprise is there, even if you are the one doing the running, the diving, and ultimately, the dipping.

Sarah Mizes-Tan / WCAI

The Brayton Point powerplant on the South Coast is a monument to a source of energy Massachusetts once heavily relied on: coal. The plant closed in 2017, and on Saturday, April 27, the plant's landmark feature, its twin cooling towers, are scheduled to be demolished by implosion. 

Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods

First, it was White Castle and Red Robin. Then, Burger King.

Vegan meat substitutes are popping up at fast food chains across the nation, raising questions about how much better they really are for the environment, and for you.

Phragmites, an invasive species, line this marsh at Sachuest Point in Middletown, Rhode island.
Tom Sturm/USFWS / Public Domain

By Judith Weis, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences, Rutgers University Newark

Searching for the Atlantic's Most Elusive Whale

Apr 22, 2019
NOAA Fisheries/Robert Pitman

Danielle Cholewiak is a research ecologist at NOAA. She has spent her career becoming a leading expert on finding and interpreting whale sounds. This past summer, she set her sights on finding one of the most elusive whales in the Atlantic Ocean. The plan was to be out at sea for a full month, scanning the horizon with binoculars and listening to hydrophones being towed behind them.

Cory Doctorow's new book is called "Radicalized: Four Tales of our Present Moment"
Macmillan Publishers

Imagine a world in which your toaster will only toast bread from approved vendors and your dishwasher will only clean approved dishes using specific brands of soap. Think that’s far-fetched? Cory Doctorow doesn’t.

Bitcoin on colorful background
Viktor Forgacs

A strange whirring noise caught the attention of teachers at Puman Middle School in China’s Hunan province last year. For months, the sound hummed throughout the night and over the school’s holiday breaks. The internet slowed. The building’s electricity bill doubled.

One scientist argues we should rethink our approach to the invasive plant phragmites australis.

Living Lab Radio this week.

S Junker

WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week, including: new developments in the contention between Dennis and Yarmouth over their regional school district; the Stop & Shop strike enters its 2nd week, leaving some shoppers without local options; and shark researchers are expanding their efforts in Cape Cod Bay.


The Forgetting

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