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Association to Preserve Cape Cod

 The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) has released its second annual State of the Waters report this week, and found an increase from last year in the percentage of saltwater embayments and ponds with unacceptable water quality. 

Depolarizing America

7 hours ago

 With the 2020 election a week away, the rancor, mistrust and open hostility Americans feel for those who don’t support their views seems to have reached a unprecedented level. Regardless of the election outcome, millions of Americans will be unhappy with the result and the divisiveness won’t dissipate. If the 2016 election is any indication, our country may become even more divided. Why is it important for Americans to bridge these divides?  Is it even possible to find things we can agree upon? How can we have conversations with those on the other side of the aisle without it turning to an all-out conflict? We discuss these questions and more on The Point. 


Cape Cod Foundation

A person who wished to remain anonymous has bequeathed a more than $6 million dollar gift to help the local arts scene on Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Foundation is managing the gift. CAI's Kathryn Eident talked with Foundation President and CEO Kristin O'Malley about how her organization will award the money, and other funds the nonprofit manages, as well.

The Sounds of Night

13 hours ago
Jacek Raniowski

Midnight, and I can’t sleep. The cat is curled beside me, having no problem at all.  A cool breeze flows through the screened window; finally the hot nights of August and September have given up the ghost.  Years ago we used to make fun of people who had air conditioners on the Cape, but the last few hot summers—the inexorable ratcheting up  of climate change—have left us questioning that attitude, ready to relent.  Still, an open window is a conduit into the world- so much better than a gray metal humming chill-box- and I am glad for it tonight.  There is a backdrop of cricket din outside. 

Jennette Barnes / WCAI

Halloween is Saturday, and many parents are wary of letting their children trick-or-treat because of COVID-19. But there’s nothing spooky about another fall ritual — picking out pumpkins.

At Coonamessett Farm last week, five-year-old Maureen Shannon and her brother Grady, 4, were drawn to the chicken barn, with its flock cluck-clucking in the outdoor pen and, inside, two small goats eyeing visitors with curiosity.

Charles Culbertson

This week on NEXT: in-person voting has started in some New England states. We talk about what’s driving people to vote early in the 2020 general election. Plus, as temperatures warm due to climate change, toxic cyanobacteria are increasingly polluting our water. And we talk to author Jennifer De Leon about “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From,” her new young adult novel set in Boston. New England News Collaborative's  NEXT radio show and podcast airs every Monday on The Point. 

Poetry Sunday: Sandy Longley

Oct 25, 2020

Sandy Longley reads the poem, "Let Me Be Your River."

Dan Tritle

WCAI's Sam Houghton hosts a roundup of the week's top local and regional news.  His guests include WCAI's Eve Zuckoff and Jennette Barnes, Ethan Genter from the Cape Cod Times, George Brennan from the Martha's Vineyard Times; Tim Wood from the Cape Cod Chronicle, Noah Asimow from the Vineyard Gazette, and WCAI's statehouse reporter Mike Deehan.

It’s that time of year! Harvest season! Elspeth Hay of the Local Food Report, and Wesley Price of the Cape Cod Mycological Society met with Steve Junker for our Cooking the Harvest event!

Watch the video of the event below, check out and recipes from Elspeth and CAI Members in the slideshow, plus we've included some links to more resources mentioned during the event! If you loved this event, take a moment to support all the work we do at CAI when you click here to donate!

Thank you and Enjoy!

Restoration: One Veteran's Search for Forgiveness

Oct 23, 2020
courtesy of Martha's Vineyard Museum

I’m usually a positive kind of person. I’ve gotten through some pretty rough times with the simple mantra, “It’ll be OK.  It’ll all be OK”. But these days even the most optimistic of us are struggling. I wish I could believe in magic or miracles; a cure for Covid-19, an end to social injustice and hate, salvation for our planet. Heck, I wish I could believe in Santa Claus. The closest I can come up with is Steve Maxner.



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