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WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week, including: growing concerns about whether the Cape is ready for its first summer after a fatal shark attack; the Barnstable County Sheriff's office has a public meeting to discuss its work with federal immigrations authorities; and the Cape may already be home to a nesting pair of bald eagles.

Talk of money loomed large on Beacon Hill this week, with state lawmakers making provisions in case the federal government shuts down again, and tackling the proposed $41 billion state budget for the next fiscal year.

WCAI’s Kathryn Eident talked with State House Reporter Mike Deehan to learn more.

Elspeth Hay

All beehives are full of activity. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with a beekeeper in Wellfleet who's taken the phrase "busy as a bee" to another level—with one of his hives collecting climate data for NASA.

This story is a rebroadcast. It first aired December 7, 2017.

Until recently if you wanted to attend the opera you had to make the journey to Boston or New York. That changed last year with the debut of Opera Theater of Cape Cod.

Co-founders Eileen Christiansen and Ethan DePuy discuss this new chamber opera company, how they hope to inspire a new generation of opera lovers and their next performance, Some Enchanted Evening. Mindy Todd hosts. 






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Regardless of your view of Valentine’s Day, a new collection of poems titled Love Poems (For Married people) will likely make you smile if not laugh out loud. On The Point, we talk with author John Kenney about the humor in long term relationships. Mindy Todd hosts. 



J. Junker


One island, two newspapers, and the reporter who played them both: this is the premise of Nicole Galland’s new novel On the Same Page. On The Point, we talk with the author about the book, and her portrayal of tensions between seasonal and year-round residents on an island.


Tisbury School third-graders on Martha's Vineyard wrote Valentines as a library assignment, and we were fortunate to be able to record them.  Some of the students also sent us their artwork. 

J. Junker

 WCAI launches a new podcast focused on Alzheimer’s disease: it's called “The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's." The twice-monthly podcast is co-hosted by two well-respected Alzheimer's experts and authors: David Shenk, author of "The Forgetting: Alzheimer's, Portrait of an Epidemic" and Greg O'Brien, author of "On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's".

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Here we are knocking on the door of another Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time we had the talk… the talk about the birds and the bees. Before you relive any memories of teenage trauma and retreat to your happy place, I should point out that I’m talking about the actual birds and bees. In my never-ending quest to find romantic role models in the animal world, I’ve come up with some more examples of what to do, or not to do, this Valentine’s Day.

Luca Bruno / https://bit.ly/2yDXFp7


The Forgetting