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B. S. Epstein

While planning your menu and preparing food, remember this important part of the meal: the drinks! Whether nonalcoholic or not, the drinks we serve can enhance, compliment or provide great contrast to the flavors on the plate. Joining us with suggestions for drinks to go with your summer menu is Becky Sue Epstein. In addition to expertise in wine, spirits, food and travel she’s the author of several books including Strong, Sweet and Dry: A Guide to Vermouth, Port, Sherry, Madeira and Marsala

Flood Factor

In Falmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Wareham, thousands more homes than previously thought could be at risk of flooding by mid-century, according to a new online tool that helps people examine flood risks in their communities. 


J. Junker

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday, Steven Raichlen joins us to share his favorite recipes and techniques for summertime grilling. We discuss how to keep sugary marinades from burning, techniques to grill shellfish, and what varities of vegetables to consider grilling if you want veggies to take center stage. We also talk about great grilled desserts. In addition to hosting the PBS program Project Fire, Steven Raichlen is the author of numerous books on grilling, smoking and cooking.

Elspeth Hay

I’ve been thinking about how long it takes to really get to know a place. Take the wild cherries, for instance.

Eve Zuckoff

Boron, Sodium, Arsenic and four other rescued sea turtles named for elements on the periodic table were finally healthy enough to be released back into the wild on Wednesday. 

Ray Marshall (1891–1940)

On The Point, our on-air book club discusses Lady into Fox.


This short work of fiction by David Garnett was originally published in 1922. It tells the story of a young woman who suddenly and inexplicably turns into a fox and how her husband reacts. Is it a story of unconditional love? Women’s independence? Humans finding their place in the natural world… or something else altogether?


wikipedia / Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee

School officials in Sandwich and in Barnstable will meet with graduates in the coming days to discuss how to better include Black and Indigenous history and discussions on race and racism into school curricula. The meetings stem from two separate letters written and signed by more than 15-hundred  alumni from both districts asking for these changes. 

flickr b0jangles / Creative Commons / bit.ly/2NJZENt

I don’t know about your neighborhood, but mine is getting more crowded by the day. The annual population explosion, and attendant noise, is right on schedule, just in time for the 4th of July. This year it seems like it will be particularly difficult to satisfy all of these new mouths to feed. In addition to the endless stream of renters at my neighbor’s place, I am of course talking about all the young birds that are suddenly everywhere. Baby birds abound, and they are really livening up the place just when things had started to get dull in neighborhood birding.

Eve Zuckoff

More than 100 people wearing kippahs, crosses, and face masks gathered on the Hyannis Village Green on Monday for a multi-faith memorial service in honor of George Floyd.

Richard Limber

How are Arts Organizations fairing on the Cape Coast and Islands during a summer season pandemic? 


The Forgetting