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Falmouth to Falmouth: Connecting Cornwall to Cape Cod

Falmouth to Falmouth: Connecting Cornwall to Cape Cod

A Unique Radio Collaboration

Early in 2022 we embarked on an experiment to connect CAI, located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, with SourceFM, a radio station in Falmouth, UK. But the mission was even broader: to connect listeners on Cape Cod, USA, with listeners in Cornwall, England.

On this page you'll find the hour-long episodes of this experimental collaboration. Each is focused on the voices of individual people speaking to each other directly, across the Atlantic Ocean, sharing their experiences around subjects immediately important to them.

We hear them talk about surviving the pandemic, addressing climate change, housing struggles, community policing, and much more.

We hope you'll explore the stories here and enjoy the voices and what they share.

And we’re looking for suggestions for future episodes! Want to join the conversation? Know someone you think we should speak with? Send us an email at cai@capeandislands.org.

(We've been getting noticed, too. Here's some of the news coverage around this program >>)

April 7, 2022
Cape Cod and Cornwall: We are mirroring coastal communities on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Cornwall is the “toe” of England, a peninsula projecting westward toward North America. Cape Cod is an “arm” thrust eastward. Now, our two radio stations are collaborating on producing hour-long programs of conversations from one community to the other.
July 29, 2022
It’s back. Our experimental cross-Atlantic radio collaboration returns for a second episode. This time: Two community police officers compare notes on outreach, guns, racism, and answering mental health calls. Also: What happens to our neighborhoods when essential workers can no longer afford to live in them? And harvesting oysters for a living sounds very different in Cornwall compared to Cape Cod.
All Ages: Falmouth to Falmouth 3
September 20, 2023
How were you shaped by the place where you grew up? What makes you choose to live somewhere? In our new episode of Falmouth to Falmouth, we explore the journey of life in our coastal communities through three vibrant discussions touching on childhood, middle years, and growing older.
You may think you know the place in which you live. You may think you can identify it at a glance. But really... can you? Here's our visual test. And fair warning: don't go into this swaggering. It's not going to be easy.