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Go Redhawks! Barnstable Gets a New School Mascot

Barnstable field hockey 2018.jpg
Barnstable Athletics
The Barnstable field hockey team celebrates a win in 2018.

Barnstable sports fans, welcome the Redhawks to the field.

The Barnstable Public Schools have a new mascot, approved unanimously by the School Committee on Wednesday after a 9-month process.

The name “Redhawks” was the top choice in a student survey. It also won unanimous support from a community subcommittee working on the issue, according to School Committee member Barbara Dunn.

“It was actually nice that we had a clear consensus,” she said. “I think it would have been challenging if the vote had been very close.”

In the student survey, 59 percent favored Redhawks, compared to 22 percent for Ravens and 19 percent for Hurricanes.

The Barnstable School Committee voted last summer to drop the old mascot, the Red Raiders, because of complaints that Native American mascots are racist. Hundreds of alumni and students signed a letter to the school administration saying the mascot was disrespectful and conflicted with efforts to create an anti-racist culture.

School Committee member Joe Nystrom, who previously questioned dropping the old mascot, said he supports the change.

“I've been a fan of ‘Redhawks’ since the beginning, so I think it's awesome,” he said.

Making a transition to new uniforms, signs and other things that affect the budget will take some time, officials said.

Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown said the next step is developing imagery to go with the name.

Red will remain the school color.