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Pop Culture Happy Hour, Small Batch: 'House Hunters International'

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Do you fantasize about living in Hong Kong or Paris or on an Australian beach? And do you wonder whether you could fit it into your budget? And do you wonder how you would resolve petty little conflicts with your spouse or partner or roommate about being near work versus having a pool?

You might be just the person that House Hunters Internationalis imagining as it eavesdrops on people's plans to depart one country and take up residence in another, and Glen Weldon and I have a few thoughts about what it reveals in terms of the future of the "open plan," budgeting, and how put-upon realtors are supposed to react when people want things that are ... what's the phrase? ... "a big challenge."

Are they all named Brad and Jennifer? How mundane is this set of problems, anyway? And are we all just terribly nosy for watching them work it out?

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