Avoiding the Picturesque: Woodcuts Reveal the Rough, the Rust, the Low Tide of Cape Cod Life

Aug 21, 2017

A print of the number 10 buoy located off of Brant Point in Nantucket. This print is part of a series on navigational buoys by Jane Fay Baker.
Credit Courtesy of Jane Fay Baker

Growing up on the Cape, Jane Fay Baker developed an eye for objects and creatures that might otherwise go unnoticed. Later in life, her artwork became a reflection of her own life on the Cape. A recent woodcut  series features navigational buoys.

For contact and more images from Jane Fay Baker visit her website

Jane Fay Baker's Kitchen Studio
Credit Photo by Olivia Weitz.

This piece came to us from our production partners at Atlantic Public Media through their media training program, The Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole. Olivia is a graduate of the workshop and you can find out more about that program at Transom.org

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