On Cape Cod, Every Night is A Perfect Night for A Mystery

Oct 31, 2016

Stephen Thomas Oney and his cast rehearse for a live broadcast of “The Legacy of Euriah Pillar” at the University of Portland, Maine. 1992. Portland, ME. Photo courtesy of Stephen Thomas Oney.

  For many, Cape Cod means sunshine and sandy beaches. But to one West Barnstable writer and producer, the Cape means foggy cemeteries at night, dangerous riptides, ghost stories and shipwrecks. For over thirty years, Stephen Thomas Oney has been producing Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theatre, a series of radio dramas all set on and inspired by the Cape. Producer Peter Bresnan visited Stephen’s home studio in West Barnstable. 

You can find more of Stephen's work at his website.

This piece came to us from our production partners at Atlantic Public Media through their media training program, The Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole.  Peter Bresnan ​is a graduate of the workshop.  You can find out more about the program at Transom.org.

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