Shark Sightings Keep Swimmers on Alert

Aug 18, 2018



Lifeguards close one Wellfleet Beach to swimming after a possible seal sighting. Swimmers at outer Cape beaches are on edge after multiple shark sightings and a shark attack earlier this week. WCAI Reporter Hayley Fager went to Wellfleet to learn how people are staying safe.
Credit Hayley Fager

It’s a beautiful day at the beach, but officials at the National Seashore are telling people to swim with caution. Chief Ranger Leslie Reynolds’ educates people on shark safety.




"The top three things I can say to the public: stay close to shore, don’t swim near seals, and don’t isolate yourself," Reynolds said.


Lifeguards monitor the water for sharks and seals, and they are usually the ones to decide if waters stay open. Whistles started blowing at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet Friday afternoon while Tara Galanti was enjoying the beach with her family.


"Everyone was in the water and a woman lifeguard was walking the beach blowing the whistle telling people to come out of the water," said Galanti.


They saw something in the water they thought might be dead seal. Galanti says she’s nervous about sharks after recent sightings, especially when she’s swimming with her daughters.


"So I’ve been having the girls stay in and if we see seals to stay away," she says.


Reynolds says to listen to lifeguard warnings and to download an app called Sharktivity to check for updates on where sharks have been spotted.