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Arts & Ideas: July 17th, 2022

This week on Arts and Ideas:

7pmStories from the Heart of the Land - Depending on Nature: people who live off the land and the sea, in all sorts of ways. Part of a documentary series we made in Woods Hole a few years ago.

8pmSlow Burn: Roe V Wade - The story of abortion before Roe, and how abortion's future might look a lot like the past.

9pmBig Picture Science - Skeptic check: hypnosis as an effective medical treatment for pain…or just a fun party trick.

10pm “Fight For Your Right”, “The Things They Carry”, and more unexpected stories from this week'sPRX Remix.

That's all on Arts and Ideas, airing Sunday night from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Michael is a producer for CAI's Arts and Ideas show, airing Sunday nights.