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Chandler Travis Brings his Music to WCAI


One of Cape Cod's most original songwriter/singer/musician and band leaders, Chandler Travis performs live in the studio with Mindy Todd on The Point. With him are the members of one of his bands, The Chandler Travis Three-O: John Clark, Fred Boak, and Berke McKelvey, on bass, sax, and keyboards. We find out how this group of talented musicians came together and their shared passion for detailing, arranging, and rehearsing. We also hear about the 10th anniversary of the Cape Cod Cavalcade for the Homeless which Chandler organizes. Here is a short VIDEO CLIP of the band in the WCAI studio

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Mindy Todd is the host and producer of The Point on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 30 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI.