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The Long Haul Book


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 The Long Haul: The Future of New England's Fisheries

"The Long Haul: The Future of New England's Fisheries" is the first book produced by WCAI, the local NPR station for the Cape, the Coast, and the Islands. The book strings together and supplements the series of radio reports produced by a small team of journalists at WCAI, located in Woods Hole, Cape Cod. The majority of the reporting covered in the book aired in the early months of 2013, concentrating on the issues and perspectives  surrounding the fishing industry in the region. The book includes interviews, illustrations, and a sharp examination of the history, science, and future of fishing in New England. It is a book filled with hope. With insight gathered from scientists, researchers, fishermen, and policy makers it becomes clear that something can still be done to preserve a way of life, a species, and a culture. The book can serve as a teaching guide and resource for anyone interested in the topic. 

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WCAI's original reporting on The Long Haul can be heard here.

"The Long Haul" is distributed by Clock & Rose Press. For Wholesale inquiries contact Renee M. Roberts (