By The Numbers: Worries About Cape Cod's Workforce

Feb 26, 2013

The 2010 Census confirmed that the greying of Cape Cod is continuing. The youngest generations are leaving the Cape and they're not coming back. Some people are more alarmed about this trend than others. But people in leadership positions are thinking about what the loss in population and workforce could mean for the Cape in terms of both workforce and vitality. 

In this original three-part series, WCAI Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran examines education, housing and business opportunities on the Cape, and what the region's leadership and residents can do to help hold onto the Cape's young people.

Listen to Part 1 in the series, Young Professionals Find It Hard to Stay on the Cape.

Listen to Part 2 in the series, 4-Year College for the Cape: A Way to Hold On to the Young.

Listen to Part 3 in the series, Making it Work: Efforts to retain Younger Generations

Listen to reporter Sean Corcoran discuss his series "By The Numbers: Worries About Cape Cod's Workforce" on The Point with Mindy Todd. 


The series orginally aired February 27 through March 1st, 2013.