Just over a year ago, SharkCam - an underwater vehicle equipped with five cameras and the ability to independently follow radio tags placed on sharks - took Discovery Channel's Shark Week by storm with dramatic video of being attacked by great white sharks.

Ken Kostel / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

In 1998, Ben LeComte swam some 3,700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, eight hours at a time. It took him seventy three days in total. Now, he's taking on an even bigger challenge - The Longest Swim - a 180-day, 5,500 mile swim across the Pacific Ocean, from Tokyo to San Francisco. His goal is to boost our understanding and awareness of ocean health issues. uses the story of MBL researcher Osamu Shimomura's Nobel Prize winning research to make its case for funding high-risk research.

Ben McNeil thinks our science funding mechanism is fundamentally broken. Here’s why, and what he thinks we should do about it.