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Kathryn Eident

Learning a new language has long been a requirement at most American high schools. While the typical offerings include Spanish, French, and Latin, in Mashpee, a small group of students is taking on a language that hasn’t been spoken fluently in centuries. WCAI’s Kathryn Eident has more on the Wôpanâak Language class at Mashpee High School.

Blind Runner Inspires at Falmouth Road Race

Aug 21, 2017

Some 13-thousand runners took to the streets of Falmouth Sunday for the 45th annual Falmouth Road Race.  At the starting line in Woods Hole, WCAI's Dan Tritle spoke to a blind Nashua, New Hampshire man who was running the seven-mile course for the first time.

Reports of Portuguese Man of War have been on the rise.   The sea creatures are not jellyfish.  But as WCAI's Frances Mayo reports, their far-reaching tentacles can pack a nasty sting.

A Super-agency on Nantucket, and a big Sonic Boom

Jun 21, 2013
Our Nantucket Wedding

Nantucket residents are considering a "super-agency" charged with boosting the island's economy.  Also, a big sonic booms rattles windows and residents.  WCAI's Dan Tritle talks to the Inquirer and Mirror's Josh Balling about these stories in the news.

Cape Cod Women dive into Roller Derby

Jun 3, 2013
Cape Cod Times/Ron Schloerb

Embracing roller derby culture in Hyannis, adventure and trust in Falmouth, graduating high school seniors, and fun facts about golfing great Jack Nicholas.  WCAI's Dan Tritle talked about these stories with Cape Cod Times news editor Susan Moeller.

Dan Tritle

How does a simple piece of furniture discovered at the town dump become a celebrity?  Cape Cod innkeeper Beth Colt talks with WCAI's Dan Tritle about her Red Chair, its ability to bring people together, and an upcoming nationwide tour of bed and breakfast inns.

Dan Tritle

The shrubbery that spells out "Cape Cod" at the Bourne Bridge Rotary has become an iconic landmark for many residents and visitors.  WCAI's Dan Tritle reports on its history, and finds that the people who maintain the unique landscaping are proud of their work.

Young Man's Walk Across America

Apr 3, 2013

Andrew Forsthoefel set out at age 23 to walk across America, east to west, 4000 miles, with a sign on him that said, "Walking to Listen." The public is invited to the premiere of "Walking Across America: Advice to a Young Man."  This hour-long audio program, co-produced with Jay Allison, tracks Andrew's epic journey.  It's a coming-of-age story, and a portrait of this country - big-hearted, wild, innocent, and wise.

Wednesday April 3, 7:30pm, at Woods Hole Community Hall. Admission is free.


The advantages of learning CPR for your pet, health and law enforcement officials concerned about opiate addiction, and Yarmouth Town Meeting takes back funding for an affordable housing project.  Cape Cod Times reporter Patrick Cassidy talks about these news stories with WCAI's Dan Tritle.

Ron Schloerb/Cape Cod Times

We learn about a popular series of monthly meetings where the public can hear from commercial fishermen, a growing interest in environmentally-friendly toilets, and renewed hope for Red Sox nation as the baseball season gets underway.  WCAI's Dan Tritle talks with Cape Cod Times news editor Susan Moeller.

Deborah Minsky/Provincetown Banner

A springtime opening for Provincetown's Pilgrim Monument, an upcoming town meeting vote on paving a busy street and a popular beach threatened by erosion.  WCAI's Dan Tritle talks about these stories with Provincetown Banner editor Sally Rose.