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Creative Life
00000177-ba84-d5f4-a5ff-bbfc9ab20000Our series Creative Life discontinued on October 30th, 2017. It has been replaced by Ways of Life. The Creative Life archive lives on this page. Creative Life offered an audio tour of arts, culture, and inspiration on the Cape and Islands. Our region is rich with creative diversity, and so are the stories we tell.Creative Life is edited by Jay Allison.Creative Life is made possible by The Circle of Ten, ten local businesses and organizations committed to local programming on WCAI.

Deathmasters Come to Nantucket!

Credit Kris Feeney
The DeathMasters played by Ursula Austin, Ingrid Feeney, Kris Feeney, and Caleb Kardell.

This summer, the Nantucket independent film scene thrived with films like Peter & John and the Grey Lady, both shot on island.  Justine Paradis has the story of one film which didn’t receive quite as much attention.