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00000177-ba84-d5f4-a5ff-bbfc9baa0000Ways of Life airs every second Monday at 8:40am and 5:45pm.Our series Ways of Life is A collection of stories about people who live down the street... our neighbors: Fishermen, scientists, craftspeople, recovering addicts, surgeons, dog rescuers, motorcycle gang members, nursing home residents, musicians, the homeless, kid athletes, social activists, and all the others who share this place.Each portrait becomes part of the surprising, interwoven tapestry of our lives together here on the Cape, Coast and Islands. Ways of Life is edited by Jay Allison and produced by our production partners at Atlantic Public Media Ways of Life is made possible by The Circle of Ten, ten local businesses and organizations committed to local programming on WCAI.

The Things We Leave Behind Sometimes Get a Second Life

Photo by Martine Chaussard

Fifteen years ago, Pat Stark discovered a lifetime of artwork in her home. Most of the art she found had never been seen by anyone but the artist, who had made the decision to stop exhibiting in the 1960s. Pat was startled by how much was there – and by the beauty of the art – so she decided the world needed to see it too. Since then, she has made it her life’s project to catalogue, restore and show this artwork in galleries on the Cape and around the East Coast

This piece came to us from our production partners at Atlantic Public Media through their media training program, The Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole. Martine is a graduate of the workshop and you can find out more about that program at

Ways of life  is edited by Jay Allison and made possible by the Circle of Ten - ten local businesses and organizations committed to local programming on WCAI.