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Base Officials Seek Feedback on Community Engagement, Groundwater Cleanup Efforts

Ktr101, CC BY-SA 4.0
Wikimedia Commons
Entrance to Joint Base Cape Cod

Officials with Joint Base Cape Cod want to know how well they’ve engaged with the public.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center Community at Joint Base Cape Cod is asking locals to fill out a questionnaire to update the Community Involvement Plan. It asks for perceptions about leadership and community engagement.

While the names of respondents won’t be included, the questionnaire will be also used to gauge how informed people are about the Massachusetts National Guard’s efforts to clean up chemicals from past military activity that contaminated the soil and groundwater on the Upper Cape.

For decades, officials have been working to protect residents around the base against exposure to toxic chemicals in drinking water, ponds, rivers, and harbors.

Multiple choice and long answer questions on the form include: What are your concerns related to Joint Base Cape Cod? How concerned are you about contaminants like PFOS/PFOA? Do you feel that the Air Force offers the public sufficient opportunities to become involved with the cleanup program? How confident are you that the Air Force will continue to take all necessary response actions to protect human health and the environment in the future?

Concerns about the questionnaire can be sent directly to Doug Karson, Community Involvement Lead with the Air Force, (508) 524-9206, email:; Ellie Donovan, Regional Planner with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection: (508) 946-2866, email:; or Darriel Swatts, Public Affairs Specialist / Community Involvement Coordinator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:, (617) 918-1065.

The deadline for submitting the questionnaire is Sept. 10, and all responses can be submitted by calling/emailing an agency official above, or by mailing the completed form to: Douglas Karson AFCE C/JBCC, 322 East Inner Road, Otis ANG Base, MA 02542-1320.