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Healing from Trauma with the Arts

Jan 7, 2020

Trauma experienced in childhood can have a life long impact on emotional and physical health. That’s why finding and treating children who have experienced trauma is essential. We discuss programs that help children recover from various types of trauma, and how participation in the arts can help in the healing process.

Guests on the program are as follows:

Bethany Gay, of Coordinator and Early Childhood Educator at the Coalition for Children

Lauren Mellilo, of the Sandwich Partnership for Families

Jacob Stapledon, Community Education and Outreach Coordinator for Children’s Cove

Amy Wyman, founder of Good Grief Cape Cod, an educational program helping children cope with death. She also has a masters in art therapy and is certified in music therapy.

Mindy Todd hosts.

To sponsor a child in need, please make your tax-deductible donation online at Cape Conservatory or call 508-362-2772