Recreational Fishing is a Passion Pursuit and Economic Driver

May 10, 2019

The Cape and Islands are known for great recreational fishing. The sport is an economic driver for the state, a passionate pursuit for many, and recreational fishermen’s knowledge of fish species, habitat and historical trends help aid in the management of fisheries. On The Point, we talk about the science, sport and even some superstitions of recreational fishing, Steve Junker hosts.

Guests on the program are as follows:

Dave Martins, Coordinator of the Marine Recreational Information Program at Department of Fish and Game.

Kevin Blinkhoff of On The Water magazine

Janet Messineo, former president of the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association and author of the forthcoming book Casting Into the Light     

Nelson Sigelman, fisherman and author.  His latest book is Martha’s Vineyard Fish Tales, How to Catch Fish, Rake Clam and Jig Squid with Entertaining Tales about the Sometimes Crazy Pursuit of Fish.