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Training Active Bystanders

Feb 5, 2020

When we hear stories of hate crimes, or people being bullied, harassed, or treated unfairly, we know it’s wrong. But what if we were witness to an incident: would we step in and do something?  We might think “of course I would” but in the moment it may not be clear how best to address the situation, or we might have concerns about our safety or the safety of others.

Training people to analyze situations and assess how best to respond is one of the goals of Training Active Bystanders. The program was developed by Quabbin Mediation and was offered in Falmouth last month.

Guests on the program are as follows: Sharon Tracy, Executive Director of Quabbin Mediation and one of the individuals who developed the Training Active Bystanders Program.

Beryl Domingo, Training Active Bystanders Coordinator at Quabbin Mediation

Pamela Rothstien, Member of No Place for Hate Falmouth, the organization that brought the training to the Cape.