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ICYMI: Future Climate Reports in Question; Scrubbing Climate Change from Documents; LIGO is back

Heather Goldstone Talks with Nature News.
Heather Goldstone Talks with Nature News.

Each month, we check in with reporters at the journal Nature to discuss some of the top headlines in science. Lizzie Gibney joined us from London to talk about these headlines:

  • The Trump administration has failed to renew an advisory committee responsible for overseeing how the national climate report is produced and used. 
  • Jennifer Bowen of Northeastern University in Boston recently posted on Facebook an e-mail from a Department of Energy official asking her to remove the words climate change or global warming from her project description. 
  • About a year and a half ago, scientists with the LIGO project made international headlines for detecting gravitational waves for the first time. Now there may be a new discovery.