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Living Lab Radio: July 15, 2019

Sam Valadi/Flickr
CC BY 2.0

“We found that African-Americans were much more likely to die than other racial groups within New York City during heatwave events. We also found that there were particular neighborhoods where people were more likely to die during extreme heat events than other neighborhoods.” – Jaime Madrigano

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • Nick Howe of Nature’s multimedia team talks through the increase in climate litigation, the Hungarian government’s take-over of academic research institutions, and NASA’s efforts to combat gender bias in allocation of telescope time and funding.
  • David Warmflash, author of Moon: An Illustrated History, reveals the long history of lunar science that predates the Apollo missions be millenia.
  • Jaime Madrigano of RAND Corporation has studied heat-related deaths and finds significant socioeconomic and racial disparities.
  • Sy Montgomery’s memoir, How to be a Good Creature, shares the lessons she has learned from animals as she spent her career writing about them.

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