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Migrating Whales Return to Our Waters


The North Atlantic Right Whale is typically one of the first returning migrants we see in the waters surrounding the Cape and Islands, often as early as January. But this year, the right whales have been slow to return. Two experts from the Center for Coastal Studies, Scott Landry, Director of the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team, and Stormy Mayo, Director of Right Whale Habitat Studies, join Mindy Todd on The Point to help us understand some of the mysteries of whale migration. They also report on sea turtles, seals, and other migrating sea creatures. Here is an interesting related website: NOAA's Interactive North Atlantic Right Whale Sightings Map. We also talk to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution marine biologist Michael Moore about the health of the right whale population.

Mindy Todd is the host and producer of The Point on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 30 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI.