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Teen Dating Violence

Domestic violence is something many of us think only happens between adults. For many people, physical, emotional or sexual abuse in romantic relationships begins in the teenage years. Those who abuse or are abused are more likely to return to those roles as they mature. On The Point, we discuss efforts locally to teach teens about healthy relationships, and why those programs are starting with middle grade students.

Joining us in studio to discuss the reality of teen dating violence in our region and education and prevention strategies are Autumn Zerendow, Director of Child and Teen Services at Independence House and Bob Ravanelle, a counselor, advocate and trainer for youth programs at Independence House.

Here's a link to the Center for Disease Control's webpage about preventing teen violence.

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Mindy Todd is the host and producer of <i>The Point</i> on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 40 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI.