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Teaching the Truth of Racism

Racial Justice Protesters on Cape Cod

Institutionalized racism and white privilege are largely left out of public school curriculum while myths about the founding and history of our country are perpetuated. What changes should be made to curriculum to teach the truth? How will more diversity in teachers impact content and learning? Can testing be modified to remove cultural and racial bias? And what are teachers already doing to bring conversation about racism and white privilege into the classroom? We tackle education as part of our ongoing conversation about racism on The Point.


Guests on this program are:

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. Director of The Privilege Institute and The National White Privilege Conference (WPC)


Dr. Meg Mayo-Brown, Superintendent of Barnstable Public Schools


Ventura Rodriguez, Senior Associate Commissioner at the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


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Open Letter to Barnstable High School


Kathryn Eident hosts.



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Kathryn Eident was the Morning Edition Host and Senior Producer of News until November 2022.