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Bird News in October

On The Point, our monthly Bird News program brings you the latest sightings, and information about birds and other animals. Mark Faherty of the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary joins our host Mindy Todd for this hour, and we hear from listeners around the region. Huge flocks of migrant tree swallows can be seen if you know the right places, and many fall warblers are still around. Meanwhile our year- round population of birds is getting ready for colder weather, making the most of the last of the insects and helped by the remaining fruits such as bay berry, bittersweet, and rose hips. Pollinators abound on the asters and goldenrod.

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Mindy Todd is the host and producer of <i>The Point</i> on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 40 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI.