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Image from FCTV livestream

Falmouth Police Chief Edward Dunne is responding to questions about qualified immunity, police funding, and other issues under scrutiny nationally as part of a renewed push for racial justice in the United States.

Dunne fielded questions from a panel of local residents during a televised forum hosted by No Place for Hate - Falmouth.

Liz Lerner

Newly available data show that Black people on Cape Cod have contracted COVID-19 at a rate three times that of the white population.

Vaira Harik of the Barnstable County Department of Human Services said the disproportional effect on Black residents is concerning — and reflects broader disparities in five social determinants of health: economic stability, education, access to health care, a person’s residential environment, and the community context.


Youth voices have played a key role in the anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd. Among them is Jendell Teixeira, who lives in Marion and has been speaking at local protests about growing up black in predominantly white towns.

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One day in late November, a group of scientists and employees gathered at the Marine Biological Laboratory for mandatory mingling. In an exercise laid out by two diversity trainers from the University of Chicago, attendees were encouraged to say hello to people they hadn't spoken with before and taught techniques for engaging with people who may have different perspectives from their own.

Expanding Racial Diversity in Science

Aug 28, 2017
David Asai
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, http://bit.ly/2wXvkrl

Racism is an issue in the U.S. and science is not immune. 

The science community – academia in particular – face the added fact that women and people of color remain significantly under-represented, despite years of efforts to change that.

Today we discuss the importance of increasing diversity in science, and some innovative ideas about how to do that with David Asai, senior director of science education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.