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Sure It's Hot, But Don't Call It a Heat Wave


Yes, it's been awfully hot this week, with temperatures in the mid 80s and touching 90 in places. But for the Cape and Islands, according to meteorologist Phil Burt of, the weather hasn't met the technical definition for a heat wave. 

While definitions may vary, the generally accepted meteorological definition of a heat wave is 3 consecutive days of temperatures 90 degrees or higher. And while backyard thermometers may have posted those numbers, Burt says the official weather stations across the Cape and Islands didn't get there. Martha's Vineyard registered 2 days over 90 degrees, then fell back one day, and climbed back to 90 the next... but that's not good enough to be a heat wave!

Over the bridges to the west, there's a heat wave. Across Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket - it's just dang hot.

Audio of Steve Junker and meteorologist Phil Burt talking weather on All Things Considered posted above.