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Jury: Adrian Loya Guilty, Acted with Premeditation and Cruelty

Merrily Cassidy / Cape Cod Times pool photo
Adrian Loya at his trial in Barnstable Superior Court

A jury in Barnstable has found former Coast Guardsman Adrian Loya guilty of first-degree murder of fellow officer Lisa Trubnikova in 2015.

The verdict came after fourteen hours of deliberation.

Loya has been sentenced to life in maximum-security prison, at Massachusetts Correctional Institution, Cedar Junction.


Loya's defense team acknowledges he killed the fellow officer and shot a Bourne police officer. The question for the jury was, was Loya sane at the time? The jury decided that Adrian Loya's mental disorder did not prevent him from knowing right from wrong when he committed the crime. 

The first degree murder conviction means jurors believe Loya premeditated the attack and acted with cruelty. 

Loya told investigators he'd been planning to kill Trubnikova since 2013, and wrote a lengthy essay on how he'd do it.

As the charges were read in court just after 2:30, neither Trubnikova's widow Anna, nor former Bourne police officer Jared MacDonald, whose police career ended on the night he was shot by Loya, showed emotion.   

Loya faces as much as life in prison.

The jury found Loya guilty of all charges except one count of armed assault with intent to murder against Anna Trubnikova.