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Falmouth Hospital opening new Intensive Care Unit

One of the rooms in the new Salerno ICU at Falmouth Hospital.
Courtesy Cape Cod Healthcare
One of the rooms in the new Salerno ICU at Falmouth Hospital.

Falmouth Hospital is opening a new Intensive Care Unit next week.

The Salerno ICU will expand to ten beds, up from eight, with more spacious rooms and updated technology.

Cape Cod Healthcare CEO Michael Lauf said the facility will expand care for the Upper Cape.

“It really is vital to our future to ensure that Falmouth Hospital is strong. And this ICU and the $10 million investment that we’ve made in it is a real testament to our belief that Falmouth Hospital is going to be vitally strong for the long term.”

Lauf said the plan to upgrade the facility was in place before ICUs were strained in the pandemic.

“We’ve felt for the last 10 years that we needed to expand and improve our ICUs. The care is incredible, but the facility itself was outdated. It was small. It couldn’t meet the modern demands of technology, and particularly all the people that serve as patients, and take care of them.”

The space where the new ICU is located used to house the hospital’s maternity ward, which Cape Cod Healthcare closed back in 2020.

The space where the previous ICU was located will be used to house more operating rooms for surgical care.

Patients will start being treated in the new ICU starting Tuesday, October 31.

Brian Engles is an author, a Cape Cod local, and a producer for Morning Edition.