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Public radio at the public schools: CAI visits Monomoy Regional High School

What's life like in a high school on Cape Cod? We decided to embed for a morning to find out! We took Morning Edition on the road to Harwich to experience academics, athletics, clubs, and more.

Monomoy Regional High School has more than 700 students in grades 8-12, and 60 staff members. Over the last couple of months, CAI visited to talk to students and gather sound. Then on Tuesday, January 9th, we brought our Morning Edition program into the hallways to broadcast live.

We loaded in our equipment at 6am to an empty building. Pretty soon students started arriving, until the hallways were noisy and bustling. By the time we signed off at 9am, the halls were once again quiet, as the first-period bell had rung and classes begun.

During our time on-air we spoke live with students and staff, heard from the school jazz band and orchestra, and took an audio safari to the cafeteria. We had a live golf demonstration, heard the morning announcements, and much more.

Here's the audio from an adventurous morning — give it a listen.

A big thanks from CAI to all the staff and students of Monomoy Regional High School who collaborated to make this experiment in community radio a success!

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