Elspeth Hay

People don’t typically think about eating nuts that grow in our local woods. Before Europeans arrived, the forests of Cape Cod were more diverse. Stands of nut-bearing hickories, walnuts, beeches, chestnuts, and hazelnuts—all rich food sources—were much more common. Mashpee Wampanoag food activist Danielle Hill says that her people still use and remember these foods.

Poetry Sunday: KT Herr

Nov 22, 2020

KT Herr reads the poem, "Sea Sonnets."

Poetry Sunday: Moira Linehan

Nov 15, 2020

Moira Linehan reads the poem, "Toward."

Living in a Movie

Nov 13, 2020

The Forgetting podcast: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s

David Shenk and Greg O’Brien talk about the challenges that come with dealing with Greg’s dementia during the pandemic. Movies – including the classic Jaws – have helped Greg during some tough times, but he still grows weary from the challenges of daily life while dealing with the disease. 

J. Junker

Climate change and racial justice are increasingly understood to be intimately linked, especially in the U.S. where white men have driven the narrative and controlled power for generations. A new book makes the case that the only way to address the climate crisis is to diversify leadership, and prioritize antiracist and feminist policy. 

2020 Election Coverage

Nov 2, 2020
Sam Houghton

2020 brought an historic Election Day. Here's our roundup of local and NPR coverage. You can find local election results here

All in the Family

Oct 2, 2020

 The Forgetting podcast: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s

Greg and David welcome special guest, actor David Hyde Pierce, who has personal experience with the disease, which touched both his father and his grandfather. 

NEXT Episode 216

Sep 22, 2020
Joe Amon/Connecticut Public/NENC

Here’s the story that New England tells itself: Racism is a Southern problem. But our region’s abolitionist past hides a darker history of racism, slavery and white supremacy. It’s a legacy that lives with us today.

Guardian Angel

Sep 18, 2020

The Forgetting: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s, Season 2, Episode 3

Greg and David are both feeling melancholy as they talk about Greg’s problems keeping his balance. To add a bit of humor, Greg tells the story of falling off a treadmill and feeling like George Jetson.

Next Episode 215

Sep 15, 2020

 This week on NEXT: the pandemic has been a balancing act for first-gen college students like Mikayla, who attends Brown University while worrying about her family back home. We hear her audio diaries on navigating 2020 as an Ivy Leaguer and the daughter of undocumented immigrants. Plus, when a student gets COVID, what’s it like in the “isolation dorms”? And actor Luis Guzman on making Vermont his home. . 

NEXT Episode 214

Sep 8, 2020
AP Photo/Hans Pennink

Mondays on The Point we air episodes of NEXT, a weekly podcast and radio show produced by the New England News Collaborative. This week on NEXT, a Canadian court has determined the U.S. is no longer safe for refugees.

Soaking Wet

Sep 4, 2020

The Forgetting podcast: Season 2, Episode 2

Greg and David welcome their special guest, Lisa Genova, the author of “Still Alice” and a Harvard-trained neuroscientist. Greg talks about welcoming a new grandchild to the family and how that has touched his life. Lisa tells a funny but revealing story about how she once met Greg for coffee and Greg arrived with his clothes soaking wet. And, as always, David and Greg express their love and admiration for each other.

NEXT Episode 213

Aug 31, 2020

College students are heading back to some New England campuses. This week on NEXT, how schools are dealing with the influx of students during a pandemic. Plus, a doctor who quit showering five years ago talks about the impact of “too much” hygiene on skin health. And a New Hampshire town considers how to honor a Black Revolutionary War hero who did not get his dues.

Poetry Sunday: Chuck Madansky

Aug 30, 2020

Chuck Madansky reads his poem, "The Indifference of Nature."

NEXT Episode 212

Aug 24, 2020
Caroline Joyner

NEXT Episode 212: Most New England schools are still fine-tuning their reopening plans. This week on NEXT, we visit a school in northern Maine that has started the year early — and hear about the lessons learned so far. Plus, two sisters re-examine the racism they experienced growing up in a predominantly white Massachusetts town.

Poetry Sunday: Ed Meek

Aug 23, 2020

Ed Meek reads his poem, "The Northern Cardinal."

Ben James/New England Public Media

On NEXT from the New England News Collaborative: Following the rise of protests against police brutality, we look at what has changed, from police reforms to employee walk-outs. Also on this week’s show, we talk to an activist who says today’s call-out culture is toxic and advocates "calling in." Plus, refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo find community in an Orthodox Armenian church in Rhode Island.

Standing Naked

Aug 14, 2020

The Forgetting podcast: Season 2, Episode 1

Greg and David are back with season 2 of their conversations around Alzheimer’s disease. In this episode, Greg talks about how he often wants to be alone – more so than ever before. David asks Greg his thoughts on Joe Biden and accusations that Biden is battling dementia. And, a bare-chested Greg hits the wrong button on his cell phone, prompting an embarrassing moment with a bishop. But Greg, and the bishop, have a sense of humor about the situation.

This episode was recorded Sept. 17, 2019

Poetry Sunday: Al Starkey

Aug 9, 2020

Al Starkey reads his poem, "What in the World."

Poetry Sunday: Egan Millard

Jul 26, 2020

Egan Millard reads the poem, "Self-Portrait as Ardea herodias."

Poetry Sunday: William Fields

Jul 12, 2020

William Fields reads his poem, "The Sea."

Poetry Sunday: Jon Hare

Jul 5, 2020

Jon Hare reads his haiku sequence. 

Poetry Sunday: Genevieve Abbot

Jun 28, 2020

Genevieve Abbot reads her poem, "Early Garden."


Poetry Sunday: Lucy Young

Jun 7, 2020

Lucy Young reads her poem, "It's Summer."

Valentino Funghi

This Memorial Day we're sharing a poem written by WWII Veteran and Barnstable resident Bob Silverberg. Here is his poem, "Okinawa."