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Lab Gear from Woods Hole Science Institutions Headed to Hospitals

Ken Buesseler / Twitter

Science centers in Woods Hole are trying to do their part, as hospitals across the region put out pleas for more n-95 face masks and other gear to protect healthcare workers from coronavirus infection. 

Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said just a little bit of effort went a long way.

"In just one day, my lab, 6 people, we found 1,500 pairs of gloves," Buesseler said. "We found 30 spare booties. We found some eye protection. So it feels good to be contributing locally. I think that’s the scale where the responses have been best."

Buesseler said it makes no sense to keep their gear sitting in a lab.

"People realize that we have equipment that we can’t use," he said. "So this is the opposite of hoarding, I call it. This is a way to actually make a difference as an individual, as a lab, as an institution."

The Marine Biological Laboratory is also working with Cape Cod Healthcare to donate gear.