FULL SHOW: February 24, 2019

Feb 24, 2019

Reverend Mariama-White Hammond
Credit Courtesy of Gregory L. Tracy / http://gregorytracy.com/

“Science helps us diagnose the problem. The reality, though, is that scientists have been diagnosing for quite a while and it still hasn’t moved us to action.” - Reverend Mariama White-Hammond on climate change

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • Tim Caro of UC Davis answers the age-old question of why zebras have stripes, and whether they are black with white stripes, or vice versa.
  • Biologist Marc Diamond makes the case for a Manhattan Project approach to Alzheimer's disease, which currently affects more than 5.5 million Americans - a number that could triple by mid-century. We currently have no means of detecting or treating the disease.
  • CDC investigator Tom Clark explains why it has been so hard to nail down the cause of a polio-like illness that has been on the rise, with cases spiking inexplicably every two years since 2014.
  • Reverend Mariama White-Hammond bridges science and faith in her work for ecological justice.