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Jon Mitchell's Agenda for New Bedford

Dec 17, 2015

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell
Credit New Bedford Mayor's Office

New Bedford is nicknamed the Whaling City because of its history as one of the most important whaling ports of the Nineteenth Century. It remains one of the biggest cities on the south coast of Massachusetts and one of the top fishing ports in the country. 

In addition to its maritime roots, New Bedford is also known for a vibrant arts scene and is host to a number of festivals. 

But New Bedford also struggles with many common urban issues. Crime, drugs, and stagnant economic growth are a constant threat. 

New Bedford mayor Jon Mitchell begins his third term in January. He says enhancements to the Marine Commerce Terminal on New Bedford's waterfront continue to be a vital part of the city's future. As fast ferry service to the islands picks up, Mitchell says he's open to discussing freight traffic departing from New Bedford. He says continuous improvement in the schools remain a priority.