Living Lab Radio: October 6, 2019

Oct 6, 2019

“I would just think we shouldn't vape until we clear this clear this up. And you know the debate in some of the some of the physician community is “Well, I don’t want my patient to go back to smoking cigarettes.” You know, no one wants that - an activity that’s responsible for killing half of people who do it. But this is until we sort out this acute epidemic, and then, once we do, we need to get back to looking at the chronic effects of all vaping.” -David Christiani

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • David Christiani of Harvard University says vaping’s short-term effects look similar to cases of industrial lung injury he has studied. He cautions that the chronic effects of vaping are likely diverse and are poorly understood.
  • Gretchen Goldman of the Union of Concerned Scientists is helping convene a meeting of an air pollution advisory panel the EPA disbanded a year ago. The group will provide their work to EPA, and hopes officials will use it. But they are also laying the groundwork for potential lawsuits.
  • Rick Murray of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sees the impacts of climate change on the ocean and the ability of ocean-based activities to mitigate climate change as two sides of the same coin, and says both are critical to responding to climate change.
  • Matt Rantanen works to expand internet access on tribal lands, and he worries that a largely on-line census in 2020 will leave a third or more of Native Americans uncounted.