Living Lab Radio: September 29, 2019

Sep 29, 2019

"What's disconcerting is that not only the companies are making these claims that the products are safer or could be good for cessation, but FDA itself has made statements that imply - if not outright state - that these products are safer and could be used for cessation. But there is no proof that that's true."  -Lauren Lempert

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • Tobacco law and policy specialist Lauren Lempert explains what FDA has, hasn't, and could do to regulate e-cigarettes, and why many tiptoe around their possible use as a way to quit smoking.
  • Nathaniel Fuchs of Brown University makes the case that logistical hurdles and healthcare access are bigger barriers to vaccination than anti-vaccine sentiment. The flip side of the argument is that boosting vaccination rates may be easier than changing people's minds about vaccines.
  • Joshua Conrad Jackson of UNC Chapel Hill lays out the evidence linking climate change to a rise in nationalist policies and politicians. The key is a double-edged sword called cultural tightness.
  • Astrophysicist and author Sean Carroll explains that copies of the entire universe may be spinning off every second, and how that idea might help unify multiple aspects of physics.