Poetry Sunday: Lysbeth Abrams | CAI

Poetry Sunday: Lysbeth Abrams

Jul 10, 2016

Lysbeth Abrams reads her poem, "Hellebore for Dad."

Lysbeth Abrams lives in Falmouth with her husband and three sons. She grew up in New England and has never been happy anywhere else. Her head has been filled with random thoughts all of her life, but she never turned any of them into poetry until recently. She was surprised to find that these thoughts look different when they are no longer exclusively inside her head. Her poetry tends to come from a place of pain, helped with the addition of a couple of beers. After her father died from pancreatic cancer, she found catharsis in writing poetry.

Lysbeth worked at the local bookstore, Eight Cousins, for several years, and found it tremendously stimulating to be surrounded by books and the people who love them. She has served on the Falmouth Public Library Board of Trustees for many years, and she is active in many civic and community organizations.