From Primordial Light to Healing Disco

Mar 5, 2018

Two different forms of light have showed up in recent science headlines. Nature multi-media editor Shamini Bundell explains: light from first stars hints at dark matter. Astronomers have detected the fingerprint of light from a period known as the Cosmic Dawn, when the earliest stars were forming.

If confirmed, it's an exciting discovery, on its own. It may also hold more clues about the role of dark matter. Flashing lights and pink noise may help Alzheimer's: the brain is an electrical organ, and different types of brainwaves are associated with various types of brain activity. New research is helping decipher what brainwaves do and mean, and finding that light and sound may be used to alter brainwaves and treat diseases. 

The research is being done on mice, which are put into little boxes with flashing lights, "like a little disco," says Bundell.